mova can get much higher (so high)

From Child to a measly Adult, to a corrupt tacky-looking Perfect, and finally the redeemed Mega: These are my attempts a fightstick design. I really like how well more durable glass top and bottom panels go with wooden side panels. The buttons even work nicely for human hands. The point of this project was more to build a functional art piece, mostly to learn how this works. More fun than using it.

ft. a cursed Nintendo PS4 theme

Previous oil paint commission for a friend in the Monster Crown server. He received it a day early and appreciated it very much.

Note to self: It's good to back up physical works as proof that the artist is who they are.

And here's a thing for a SOON:tm: GIF that plays "We Are" with all of the first ten Straw Hats included. I might include Yamato after Wano finishes if she's the eleventh hour ranger we were hoping for.

In addition, there's a Cangon for the same guy who commissioned the Bant from me.
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